Haymarket’s Medal Haul: Big Wins for PRWeek, MM+M and McKnight’s

Yes, those in fact were champagne corks you heard popping in the New York City office Tuesday afternoon! We were celebrating the fact that two Business Media Group brands—PRWeek and MM+M—were winners at the Neal Awards. And while our glasses were raised, we also toasted the fact that three McKnight’s brands earned a total of 16 Hermes Creative Awards for editorial and design work.

First the Neals. Haymarket received eight nominations, seven for BMG brands and one for medical, for the Rheum Podcast. Both McKnight’s and PRWeek were shortlisted in the category of Best Website representing brands with revenue from $3-7 million. PRWeek won the Neal, a huge honor that speaks to the fierce collaboration and huge amount of work that went into creating a vital, fresh new look to house PRWeek’s best-in-class content. Teams from editorial, commercial, web development and the U.K. helped bring the product to life. Congratulations to Steve Barrett, Craig Roth, Jason Wesalo, Matt Whipp, Byron Kittle, Frank Washkuch and everyone else who worked so hard on the project.

We also won an individual award. MM+M editor at large Marc Iskowitz was recognized for his authoritative reporting on medical marketing in the category of Best Range of Work by a Single Author writing for a brand with revenue from $3-7 million. The award recognizes everything Marc does over the course of a year, which includes writing in-depth feature articles, blog posts, news stories and podcasts, the life of a modern creator. Marc is a 13-year Haymarket veteran, with a well-deserved reputation for being a walking, writing encyclopedia of the intricacies of medical, health and pharma marketing.

While PRWeek and MM+M were able to carry their awards back to the office, McKnight’s needed a hand cart for its haul of 16 Hermes Awards. All three brands were recognized. Senior Living won two platinums, four golds (including best B2B website, branding refresh and online editors’ columns by John O’Connor and Lois Bowers) and an honorable mention. McKnight’s Long-Term Care News won two platinums (including branding refresh), three golds (including a column by Jim Berklan) and two honorable mentions. McKnight’s Home Care, the latest addition to the McKnight’s family, won two platinums, including for product launch.

Congratulations and thanks to everyone who contributed to this well-earned recognition of your hard work and continuous adaptation to an ever-changing media landscape. The fact we won so many awards for our digital efforts is a great affirmation of what we bring to market. The fact we won so many for writing is proof of Haymarket’s tagline: Remarkable Content.

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