Haymarket Consumer Media specialist brands grow reach in the latest ABCs

Under Embargo Until 12 Noon, Thursday 15th February 2018. London: Haymarket Consumer Media today announces ABC results against a backdrop of major brand growth for its reporting titles.

Haymarket Consumer Media brands include StuffWhat Hi-Fi?FourFourTwoClassic & Sports CarPractical Caravan and Practical Motorhome.

Consumer technology and lifestyle bibles, Stuff and What Hi-Fi?, remain the number one brands to access the best information for deeply engaged tech buyers and enthusiasts. Stuff is the leading actively-purchased title in the technology sector – with an ABC of 54,492 – and has seen UK online users grow 15% year-on-year in 2017, with sessions up 12% year-on-year. Stuffglobal site users are also up 7% year-on-year, with sessions up 4.5%.

What Hi-Fi? delivered a solid circulation performance with an ABC of 28,027and a 26% uplift in digital editions. What Hi-Fi? has also focused on diversifying its revenues and building its ecommerce and affiliate offer online, with web users and sessions growing an extremely healthy 30% year-on-year and achieving record revenues in the crucial November Black Friday trading period.

As the international football community prepares for this year’s World Cup, FourFourTwo remains the UK’s best selling adult football magazine, with an ABC of 48,620. The brand is more powerful than ever, delivering content across an array of platforms – from daily news, interviews and analysis via to the incredibly successful FourFourTwo Films, capitalising on the access afforded to a media brand at the heart of international football.

Classic & Sports Car remains the best-selling classic car magazine in the UK, with an ABC of 60,102. This is a testament to its depth of knowledge and credibility with a very discerning audience. The brand goes from strength-to-strength, with the launch of a new digital platform and the announcement of a very special partnership with Flywheel to create a new landmark live event this summer at Bicester Heritage.

Practical Caravan retains its position as the UK’s best-selling caravan magazine, with an ABC audited circulation of 19,874. Meanwhile sister brand Practical Motorhome delivered an ABC of 12,690, a growth of 0.5%. The brands are also driving growth online: unique users have grown 38% on and 23% on www.practicalmotorhome.comyear-on-year. TV and video also remain vibrant channels with BARB ratings reaching 450K+ and YouTube subscribers in excess of 62,000 for Practical Motorhome.

Haymarket Consumer Media Group Director Alastair Lewis says: “Specialist audiences are some of the most demanding there are. They don’t give their loyalty lightly. But when they do, the levels of engagement across all our brand touchpoints are phenomenal. Our specialist consumer brands continue to drive new opportunities to engage with highly affluent consumers who are prepared to pay to indulge in their passions.”

Overall, Haymarket Media Group’s reporting brands recorded an audited circulation of 310,017 for the period, while Retail Sales Value stood at £17.3m on the year. Other Haymarket brands reporting include Haymarket Automotive’s What Car? and Autocar. For more information on these brands see here.

Haymarket CEO Kevin Costello says: “Haymarket’s consumer brands are leaders in their specialist sectors, connecting with millions of affluent consumers. Print remains an important platform for our brands to engage with their communities, but it is just one of a number of brand platforms through which they entertain and inspire. In the round, our consumer brands continue to grow both reach and engagement, as our passionate and loyal specialist audiences trust them to get more from the things they love.”


About Haymarket Media Group:

Haymarket Media Group creates award-winning specialist content and services for international audiences. The company has more than 70 market-leading brands created by world-class experts in locations in the UK, the US, Hong Kong, Singapore, India and Germany. Our consumer and professional brands connect people and communities across digital, mobile, print and live media platforms. Although Haymarket’s portfolio is diverse, its mission is the same across borders and markets: to deliver brand experiences which truly meet the needs of its audiences and clients. Haymarket’s brands include Stuff, FourFourTwo, What Car?, Pistonheads, Campaign, PRWeek, MyCME and Finance Asia.


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