Hyundai leads the way in inaugural Move Electric Awards

  • Hyundai named Best e-Business of the Year, while Hyundai Ioniq 5 wins Best Electric Car award
  • Best Electric Bike, Best Electric Motorbike and Best use of Electricity awards scooped by Ribble, Super Soco and Mercedes respectively
  • Electric quadricycle Citroen Ami scoops Innovation Award, while Lime Mobility wins Breakthrough Award for its bike and e-scooter rental schemes
  • E-bike retailer Fully Charged wins Best of British award for progressing e-mobility in the most compelling way
  • Elon Musk enters Move Electric’s Hall of Fame, while National Grid’s Graeme Cooper wins e-Leader of the Year for driving understanding of electrification 

Hyundai has emerged as the biggest winner in the first-ever Move Electric Awards, scooping the Best e-Business of the Year award and winning the Best Electric Car award with its pioneering Ioniq 5 SUV.

The Move Electric Awards 2022, run in partnership with OVO Energy, celebrate all forms of electric mobility, focusing on the machines, companies and people that are helping to reinvent how people travel. 

The award winners, across 10 different categories, were selected by panels of judges featuring experts in their respective fields. This included television presenter and actor Charley Boorman in the Electric Bike category who in 2019 travelled more than 13,000 miles through South America with actor Ewan McGregor on electric motorcycles as part of the Long Way Up documentary.

The Hyundai Motor Group was named Best e-Business of the Year in recognition of its efforts to advance electric mobility. As well as the incredible success of its car brands Hyundai, Kia and Genesis in developing class-leading electric vehicles, the award recognised the group’s expansion into other forms of electric mobility. Hyundai Motor Group has developed electric robots, is developing a range of autonomous vehicles and has invested in technology for electronic vertical take off and landing (eVTOL) craft, among other technologies.

The Hyundai Ioniq 5 was named the Best Electric Car from a shortlist of six finalists. It is the first car built on a new advanced bespoke electric platform, and the Ioniq 5 won praise for its blend of dynamic performance, sharp styling, advanced technology and good range.

“In just a handful of years, the Hyundai Motor Group has transformed itself from a car firm trying to catch up with established European rivals into a group that is setting the standard and pushing forward in the development of new technology,” said Move Electric editor James Attwood. “It has achieved that by investing heavily in electrification and the wider mobility infrastructure with an incredible level of commitment.

“The Hyundai Ioniq 5 is a demonstration of the firm’s progress. By investing heavily in electric technology Hyundai has produced a machine that is helping to set the standard for its rivals. The Ioniq 5 looks and feels like a car from the future – but it’s one you can buy and drive on the roads today.”

Ashley Andrew, Hyundai Motor UK MD, said: “At Hyundai, there is a very deliberate shift in our attitude from ‘car company’ to ‘mobility company’, as we seek to deliver on our overall brand vision to provide freedom of movement to everyone. We are heavily investing in mobility services, we’re building close relationships with leading mobility service providers and – while it remains at our core – we’re expanding our role beyond the automotive sector.

“We’re extremely grateful to the mobility experts at Move Electric in recognising the great leaps we’ve already made in transforming our business, as well as our EV line-up specifically. Ioniq 5 is the first of many revolutionary Hyundai’s built on a completely bespoke EV platform, marking the beginning of a new era of design, luxury and innovation for our vehicles.”

The Move Electric Awards 2022 in partnership with OVO Energy celebrate all forms of electric mobility, and one of the most competitive categories was for the Best Electric Bike award.

The Ribble Hybrid AL e was named Best Electric Bike for its mix of style, ride quality and versatility. 

“Ribble is a well-established firm in the bike world, and the Hybrid AL e shows that it is making the transition to e-bikes with style,” said Attwood. “It’s a bike that truly mixes style and substance, and is a great example of British engineering.”

The Super Soco TC Maxx was named the Best Electric Motorbike, while the Mercedes-Benz EQXX – a concept car showcasing how efficient design can improve EV range – was voted the ‘Best use of Electricity’. The judges for the award included Alex Thwaites, the head of zero carbon living at OVO Energy.

Lime Mobility, which runs rental e-scooter and e-bike services in London and Milton Keynes, was given the Breakthrough Award for its progress in developing safety tech and swappable batteries to improve its sustainability. 

The Citroën Ami, a two-seat quadricycle designed to offer cost-effective urban mobility, won the Innovation Award for offering a unique alternative to other transport options. The Ami originally wasn’t going to be offered in the UK, but following high public demand will now be arriving later this year. 

Graeme Cooper, the Head of Future Markets at the National Grid, was named e-Leader of the Year for his efforts in leading the transformation of Britain’s energy network to prepare it for both increased use of renewable energy and to cope with the growing demands of electric cars.

Fully Charged, a fast-growing e-bike specialist retailer, was named Best of British for its efforts in helping UK consumers to make the switch to electric power.

Meanwhile, Tesla founder Elon Musk was named the inaugural member of the Move Electric Hall of Fame, which will grow into a celebration of the people who have helped drive the electrification of the mobility industry. While Musk has often been a colourful, controversial figure, his efforts to grow Tesla from a struggling start-up into the industry-leading electric car firm have had a profound impact on the pace of development of electric cars.

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Best Electric CarHyundai Ioniq 5
Best Electric BikeRibble Hybrid AL e
Best Electric MotorbikeSuper Soco TC Maxx
Best use of ElectricityMercedes-Benz EQXX concept
Innovation AwardCitroën Ami
Breakthrough AwardLime 
E-leader of the YearGraeme Cooper, Head of Future Markets, National Grid
E-business of the YearHyundai Motor Group
Best of British AwardFully Charged
Move Electric Hall of FameElon Musk, CEO, Tesla


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