Oncology Nurse Advisor Summit ‘22: The Power of Collaboration

Oncology nurses face unprecedented challenges related to the speed and volume of change occurring in their specialty. Nurses, like physicians, are challenged to keep up-to-date, and are equally responsible to their patients for safe and effective care delivery. The global pandemic has added another layer of complexity to oncology nursing, making the need for intra-professional collaboration more important than ever. In response, Oncology Nurse Advisor, Haymarket Medical Education, and key opinion leaders in oncology nursing reimagined the 7th Annual Oncology Nurse Advisor (ONA) Summit for 2022 to provide the latest evidence-based content relevant to all oncology nurses—from generalists to oncology advanced providers (MSN, APN, NP), and oncology nurse navigators.

By attending the three-day, Live Virtual summit, oncology nurses were able to earn up to 15 credit hours with multiple opportunities for attendance. Engaging presentations offered foundational, emerging, practical, and immediately actionable content, moving learners from novice to expert, from knowledge to integrated practice. Disease-focused, symptom management-focused, and navigation-focused topics were integrated throughout the event, and participants gained practical skills that could be immediately applied to their critical care criteria.

Kaitlyn  O’Shea, Account Manager, Oncology for Medical Communications Group, observed the strong engagement between the nurses within the virtual environment: “They loved the chat function and being able to get to know each other, share stories, and ask each other questions/opinions. I think one of the biggest takeaways for them was being able to share the troubles they have had over COVID-19, hear others’ similar stories as well and know they are not alone.”

Kaitlyn continued, “It was great to see the success of the ONA Summit and how it brought the Oncology Nurse community together to give these nurses an environment to collaborate, share stories, and learn from each other during this ongoing pandemic. Over the course of three days not only did we reach over 1,000 unique nurses, but had five well-attended product theaters and over 10 virtual Pharma sponsors.”

Enrollment and attendance levels for the summit were unprecedented, with 2,061 total registrations and an overall live attendance of 903. The highest Product Theater attendance was on the first day of the summit, when 320 nurses joined. Based on their participation in the conference, nurses reported that they intended to provide more comprehensive patient education, provide colleagues with information to help them improve their clinical practice, and were interested in applying knowledge of new treatment modalities in their practice.

“The ONA Summit embodied our organizational goal of providing a venue for true intra-professional nursing education,” says Laurl Matey, Senior Scientific Director, Medical Affairs. “We witnessed nurses from the same institution but with different oncology roles “find” one another, connect, and plan for future collaboration; we saw the power of intra-professional collaboration come to life.”

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