The joy of giving something back, we love it and our colleagues love it – Skylarks are an award-winning independent charity that provides a supportive and active community for children with disabilities and additional needs, and their families. Skylarks helps children (aged 0-25) with any physical, learning, emotional or behavioural difficulties.

Our passion for giving back has been matched with action and since 2018 we’ve raised over £100,000. We’re determined to build on our momentum and this year we have some exciting big events on the way that we’re looking forward to and seeing our contribution shooting up even further.



Did you know that only 50.7% of people with disabilities are in employment, compared to 81% of non-disabled people? Skylarks want to change these statistics. We believe young people with additional needs should have the same opportunities as non-disabled people, however, their journey into the world of work is not always a smooth one. 

A donation to Skylarks will enable them to deliver a new programme, Spread Your Wings, to train and encourage young people with additional needs and disabilities to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to transition into the workplace or higher education. It will support them and their families to understand more about the process involved and how they can develop their skills to achieve their hopes and dreams for the future. 

In addition, Skylarks aim to work with businesses, like Haymarket, to identify and eradicate barriers that could be stopping young people with additional needs from getting jobs – or making the process far harder than it should be.